Monday, February 15, 2010

GUIDE for new Readers and Returnees.

The Second Printing of A SALOR'S STORIES is now being sold in most Halifax/Dartmouth Bookstores and on my new website. It is highly recommended by those who have read it. It is also available in the Public Library for those patient enough to get in line. It is a form of Memoir. I suggest you buy it because it invites more than one reading.
Clues to the content of A SAILOR'SSRORIES aand also clues to the content of my "Novel in progress" are included in this BLOG,.You can find them by following "Older posts" and the archives anhd using the back button each time. In addition, I provided links to my other BLOG, "Galley Yarns," where I put srories that I omitted from my books. Also, I included a link to my website at


  1. I'm sorry I'm not a new reader just a pesky old old reader! Glad to see all the action on your site.

  2. Hi,
    I bought your book as a Fathers' Day gift for my father - who had been a merchant mariner. He feels certain that he knows one of the fellows in the cover photo of your book.

    May I inquire whether you recall if Howard (Butch) Andrews is one of the fellows (standing on the left)?

  3. I heard about your book tonight from your daughter-in-law, Hope, whom I met at Dalhousie as we are singing in the same choir. I will buy a copy for my mother and I to read as my father, CPO Charles Light, Chief Yeoman, fought in the Battle of the Atlantic. I know he served on the Sackville, the Haida, the Magnificent, maybe the Bonaventure. He was stationed in Cornwallis after the war where he taught in the Comm. School. I wonder if you knew him. He was friends with John Reid, DIck Alden White, Al Young, Don King and Paul Wentzell. Those are the men I remember. I look forward to reading your book. I have a whole slew of his Navy pictures. I wonder if you would be interested in seeing them. Sincerely, Joanne Light