Friday, August 14, 2009


I just checked into my writing blog and I see I haven't written
in it for some time.This makes me feel kind of like Hank Webber.
After I retired from the Navy we moved into a cottage on a lake
outside Halifax. A few days later our neighbors, Janie and Hank
Webber,came over and Janie introduced themselves. Hank didn't say
anything but he was very pleasant nodding and smiling. Janie did
enough talking for both of them. The next day Janie came over by
herself. When I observed that Hank was a pretty quiet type she
told me Hank stopped talking ten years ago. She got him checked
out by two doctors and they couldn't find out what was wrong,so
she just got used to it. She didn't mind it because she could talk
without any interruptions.
After we lived there about six months, one day Hank was breaking
up granite rocks for me using a ten pound sledge hammer. He carefully
laid the sledge hammer down then turned to me and said, "I've been
thinking of moving away and leaving Janie here".This surprised me a
little, so I said,"Why?" Hank said, "She talks too much."
I couldn't stand it any longer, so I said,"How come you didn't
talk for over ten years?. Hank replied, " Didn't have nothin' to say."

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